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physically active and aging

In most developed nations, physical activity and sport participation are promoted ‘to all’, regardless of age, gender, race or circumstance.

Resilience in old age

Resilience in old age has many dimensions. Older people may experience difficulties and be vulnerable in one aspect of their lives, but have many resources and strengths in another.

In my work, I have adopted an interactionist perspective to explore the consequences of neoliberal social policies on the experiences of Older Yoruba People in a Semiurban Community in South West Nigeria .

On March 8th, 2017, the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging, in collaboration with Trent University, brought together faculty, students (current and alumni), seniors, and community partners with an interest in social aspects of aging, ...

Over the past two decades, there has been a growing focus on how to support older adults to achieve so-called 'positive' aging.

lump of labour

A major argument used by those who wish to extend working lives is that there is no such as a ‘lump of labour’: in other words, labour markets are not fixed in number, they are instead capable of massive expansion.

When I created my anthology of literature on aging, I chose a diverse group of writers, past and present. Students in my ESL classes contributed stories about aging in their countries, including folk tales they had heard growing up.

Our culture has created a new dimension of ageism that equates hyper-cognitive abilities with successful aging. Even the Alzheimer Society of Canada advises to “keep your brain active every day” and “that a healthy brain can ...

Historically, the idea of ‘generational conflict’ made its way into pop culture in the 1960s, posing a strong argument about the existence of a generational gap.

Can success, a term often associated with ageing, be negative? This question, rarely asked beyond critical and more humanistic age studies, may help to better understand the notions of success and the realities of growing older ...