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Critical Gerontology, Hairstylists, Hairtrends, Age norms

Written by: Sasha Johnstone May 27th, 2017 Beauty work practices used for appearance management are embodied experiences that are enacted through the body, but are mediated through a variety of social and cultural lenses, which ...

Written by: Amanda Grenier, Rachel Barken, and Colleen McGrath May 19th, 2017 Aging occurs in close relation to ‘house’ and ‘home.’ International policies and frameworks on aging are organized around ‘home,’ ...

Caregiving, Carers, End of Life, Critical Gerontology

Written by: Catherine Dyer May 12th, 2017 In Canada, it is estimated that family caregivers provide 80 – 90% of all care delivered to individuals in the home settings (Stajduhar et al., 2010), with the majority of the caregiving ...

linked arms, dementia, carers

Written by: Marjorie Silverman May 05th, 2017 There is nascent momentum in Canada around the concept of dementia-friendly communities. A growing number of municipalities are implementing grassroots initiatives aimed at supporting ...

aging in india, social capital

Written by: Tannistha Samanta April 28th, 2017 The relationship between social capital and health gains has been well established in the gerontological literature. In particular, indicators of social capital such as trust, networks, ...

Understanding the embodiment of aging in Brazil– the interplay of social, economic, and biological factors -remains a challenge for critical gerontologists.


Written by: Paul Higgs and Chris Gilleard April 13, 2017 February 2017 saw the publication of a special issue of the journal Sociology of Health and Illness dedicated to exploring the links between ageing, dementia and the social ...

physically active and aging

In most developed nations, physical activity and sport participation are promoted ‘to all’, regardless of age, gender, race or circumstance.

Resilience in old age

Resilience in old age has many dimensions. Older people may experience difficulties and be vulnerable in one aspect of their lives, but have many resources and strengths in another.

In my work, I have adopted an interactionist perspective to explore the consequences of neoliberal social policies on the experiences of Older Yoruba People in a Semiurban Community in South West Nigeria .