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Physical activity

Varying discourses regarding ‘aging well’ have been criticized – rightly – with respect to who has the capacity to engage in the premises therein, and for attaching moral and prescriptive values to busy and active lifestyles.


Geragogy is the method and practice of educating older adults. Historically, the principles of geragogy did not discriminate between educational programs that patronized versus programs that empowered older adults.

The increase in aging populations and government action to address the needs of rapidly aging populations is reflected in research that examines the effect of social isolation on various dimensions of health.

Population ageing is a global phenomenon. Yet it is widely acknowledged that there is still relatively little research on the interconnections between globalization and ageing.

“Weak”, “sick”, “immobile”, “decrepit”, “lonely”, “depressed”. If the prospect of growing old brings thoughts like these to mind, you are not alone. It seems that many people – of all age groups – have a ...

Driving a car is a taken-for-granted activity that many of us do regularly. But what happens when the car you are driving is different in form and function than what you are familiar with?

The senior vote is now committed to Donald Trump at a level beyond that of any other age-group, and this is a topic that deserves attention from those concerned with critical gerontology.

Population ageing has been rising internationally to become the most important demographic phenomenon of the 21st century. It has also been gaining attention in recent years from, amongst others, politicians, economists, dementia ...

older people and the internet

In our ever-growing digitalized society that depends increasingly on digital means for communication, being digitally illiterate constitutes a form of social exclusion.

The International Network on Critical Gerontology is always looking for new contributions from scholars and students across various disciplines. This post provides 5 tips for writing a blog post for INCG.