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[one_third] Dr. Amanda Grenier [/one_third]Dr. Amanda Grenier

Dr. Grenier is a Professor in the department of Health, Aging and Society at McMaster University. She is also the Gilbrea Chair in Aging and Mental Health and Director of the Gilbrea Centre for the Study of Aging. Her work explores the social constructs of aging and challenges taken-for-granted assumptions related to late life. To learn more about her and her research interests you can visit:

Email: [email protected]

[one_third] [/one_third]Stephanie Hatzifilalithis, Research Assistant

Stephanie is a first year PhD student in the Department of Health, Aging and Society at McMaster University. Her research interests focus primarily on bridging the gap between younger and older generations. More specifically, under the guidance of Dr. Amanda Grenier, she will investigate the framework, methodologies and applications of Intergenerational Learning (IL), in hopes to discover and implement leading IL programs across Canada.

If you are interested in contributing blog posts to the website, please contact Stephanie at [email protected] or you can contact her through LinkedIn (Stephanie Hatzifilalithis) or Twitter (@stephaniehatzi).

Email: [email protected]


[one_third] [/one_third] Rebecca Hessels, Website Administrator

Rebecca Hessels is responsible for the development and maintenance of the International Network for Critical Gerontology website.  She also works with the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging at McMaster University as the Website & Communications Assistant.

Email: [email protected]